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Need A Hand To Take My New Canoe For A Run This Week

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i broke my hand on sunday so i need a hand to load the canoe on my trailer and go for a fish in it, it can take me plus two people i just cant lift stuff with my hand, but can move it with help, i have a paddle and electric motor etc just bring a rod and some lures as i wanna try a spot i know up morriest have been told heaps of bass are caught there on lures so if anyone can help it would be great. i live on the central coast in killarney vale not far from the entrance.

:1badmood: weather permitting of course.

If you know of a place on the coast you would like to try from canoe we can.



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Sorry to hear of the injury to your hand Tony - hope it heals quickly!! Not much they can do with hands other than bind it up & allow it to rest!! I did the same 30 years ago & they bound my hand up like a boxers glove! Looked hillarious!

Take the video camera with you - I reckon you'll get some interesting shots trying to land & deal with the fish :)

Good Luck with getting some punter to go out with you & also with the weather! Bucketting here all night & still grotty now!!!



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it is actualy my little finger right near the top nuckle thats broken so should be able to still wind any fish in.

as for the weather it bucketed down for a few days now but looks like its triing to clear today.

hows your kayak doing. maybe one day we can meet somewere between her and forster for i fish.

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hehehe Mine was the finger next to the little finger, right at the knuckle (bent backwards when it got caught going thru a doorway to 45 degrees & didn't like it ..... ) & they put a roll of bandage in my hand, told me to wrap my fingers around it like a fist & then they tied the whole lot up in more bandages!!

So long as you can still wind the reel &/or hold the rod properly!!

Definitely - I don't usually take my yak with me when I head to Sydney, unless passing thru to the south for a fish, but I took it to the Entrance last year for the social there. It was terrific fun, so Hopefully it will be on again next year, too. In the mean time, if you ever head up this way with your canoe, give us a yell & we'll hit the water together!! I rarely need much of an excuse to do so & with Gdcalmer as well, we could call it a mini social! :) :)

Good luck & take care


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:1badmood: Hi your hand will get better mine did, I broke 3 fingers on my right hand 13 nov 2008 its still a bit weak and i lost a nail but still went fishing on weekends , but yes it sucks getting my kayak on the roof ,I feel your pain .

we go fishing up erina creek , and always do well next time we head out I will pm you if you want to come along....

leigh :1fishing1:

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I'm new to the coast and wouldn't mind helping you out.

I live in Avoca Beach and am keen to learn a few tricks off some coast fisho's.

Bad luck about the finger. I know wat that's like.

PM me if you want. I'm availabe on weekends mostly.



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