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Flathead, Squid, & Whales


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Went out from Roseville with a mate this morning.

Tried for squid at the usual spots but it was a bit windy in the harbour and a long swell was coming in so got no takers.

A few livies would have been nice outside so we went over to the structures around Dobroyd bombie but the chop and swell rebound made it look very lumpy so we headed straight outside after trolling around North Head.

It was actually better outside than in the harbour but the fish were not very hungry but managed a few flathead, a large squid and a pansized red.

Just before we left we were joined by a couple of whales being chased by whale watching boats.

Missed the shot of the whale, sorru about that.




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Nicely done mate.

That defintely is a big arrow squid, and they are not very good eating compared to their southern calamari counter part, always used as bait when we catch them.

Can't argue with a feed of flatties and snapper though.



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G'day Saltrix,

I feel ripped off... from the title of the post I thought your mixed bag might have included a couple of Humpbacks. I'd like to see the outfit you'd use for them :074:

In all seriousness... thats a great bag of table fish mate. That Arrow's a honker!. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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