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Pop Up Advertising

Ken A

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Over the last week I have had numerous e mails / PMs about pop up advertising windows on this site. I thought I would post some information here which may help sort this problem out.

Firstly please be aware I do not use any form of pop up adds on this site at all. I never have & never will as I think it is annoying & intrusive. The only pop up windows you will see which are generated from this site are pop ups informing you that you have a new private message. That feature can be turned of via your control panel options.

If you are seeing pop ups other than these the problem is most likely so form of spyware on your PC.

There are some good pop up blockers / removers available for free on the web & here are 2 that are well known & effective. They are worth the effort to download & install.

The first is Spy Bot & is available from this site Spy Bot

The second is Ad Aware & is available here Ad Aware

Either these will remove spy / ad ware & stop pop upfrom appearing.

Hope this helps with the problem :)

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I think pop ups are a pain in the arse. They are very annoying.

One of the reasons for this post was that I didn''t want anyone thinking that I was responsible for the pop ups. Its a great way to lose visitors ! I struggle to understand why some sites choose to run pop up advertising?

The amount of spy & adware around that causes pop ups to happen is mind boggling. Spy Bot alone checks for about 17000 different types of spy ware.

I hope the links above help solve the problems. I normally use Mozilla instead of Internet explorer & that can be set to block pop ups.

The Google Toolbar is another option that can be used to prevent pop ups.

I was amzed the first time I ran Spy Bot & Ad Aware on my PC :yikes:

Between them they found over 100 types of spy & ad ware. Removing it certainly made net surfing more pleasant.

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I just wanted to re-iterate what Ken has said - Ad Aware and Spybot are essential tools. As for browsers, Mozilla Firefox absolutely blows Internet Explorer out of the water for speed and functionality (pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, heaps of handy extensions, inline (ie non pop-up) ad blocking):


try it and see.

Mozilla Thunderbird is Mozillas mail client, and is also excellent - it is also much more secure than Outlook:


I''''''''m pretty evangelical abuot Mozillas products, cause I''''''''m a web developer, and am sick to death of having to work around Explorers multitude of bugs. The more people I can convert to Firefox the better! And aside from that, the much better security on Firefox/Thunderbird saves me from having to fix all my friends machines when they get compromised by malware/virii.


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Ohh bugger:huh:, just downloaded and ran Spybot to find 39 nasties.

I run ad-aware 6 and keep it updated but it missed a couple of things :confusuion:

Thanks Ken, the old puter is downloading pages heaps faster now too :thumbsup:


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Good on ya Ken, My PC died last month due to 300 plus spyware was found on it...

:-mad2 :-mad2 I dont mind the occassion pop up as I understand web sites need to make some form of $$$$ as long as it doesnt kill my PC or gets over the top...


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I was having problems with pop ups and redirects on my home computer. Adaware, Spybot and Spyware balster all did ok. They would give me temporary relief but the pup ups were back very quickly. I used CWshredder to solve it once and for all. CWshredder is available free if you search on google.

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Iain, That is so true. Because downloading the free version of Kazaa is where it all started. Everyone else......Dont do it!!!! :-mad2 :-mad2

I can''t stress that enough.

Pay the 30 bucks. It is worth it


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Kazaa Lite or Kazaa Lite Ressurection are both free and spyware free. Just a matter of finding a reliable source to download them from...BitTorrent is very good and spyware free too....

Aside from "dodgy" programs though, your best bet is to have auto updates for Windows on, use a solid firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware, don''t use Outlook or Internet Explorer and run scans regularly. With all that, its not suprising that the average "Mum and Dad" user''s machine is riddled with virus/malware/spyware. I read an article the other day that said a regular Windows XP SP1 machine connected to the net without a firewall will be compromised within 20 minutes. This is down from an average of an hour one year ago.


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Be wary of using a registry cleaner Iain especially the free ones. They can clean a little too much out of the registry. I tried a few on an old PC I had & to be honest I wouldn''t recommend any of them. Unless you know what your doing you can end up having problems.

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