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luderick Estuary Rod?


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just wondering if i was to purchase a estuary luderick rod what would u fellow raiders consider to be the best rod to obtain. i will be fishing around wharves in sydney harbour.....where could i obtain it from.........cheers and many downs

Hi Alberto,

You can't go past a 3.2m Shakespeare Agility in 1-4kg from Go Fish for ubder $90.



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Hi Alberto

Keep it simple - if you have a fairly 'bendy' rod with a 2000 or 2500 reel on it, it'll suffice for blackie fishing in an estuary - especially if fishing from a boat. Later on, if you really take a shine to it, you can upgrade to a specialised blackie rod.



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Snyder and Kilwell do a great 4126 as do Pacfic composite, they may be sloppy but that is the idea of a true blackie rod as i have them in all shapes and sizes! The Mag Bream is one of the best as an all rounder 11foot 4 inch great for light beach fishing as well for bream an whiting ATS make up a good one in low or high mount

my modern favourite at the moment is a Snyder GP3145 also doubles as a great rock rod or for fishing closer to the entance of the harbour of the walls and rock ledges like Bottle and Glass, Watsons Bay, Lady Jane etc.

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