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Midday Calamari


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Upon waking at the leisurely hour of 10, looking out on a glassy river seemed like an ideal day to be out on the wate rather than in front of a computer so the executive decision was made by myself to head out for a fish and catch up on class "another time" :biggrin2:

Upon departure the weather began to look ominous. but i decided to go anyway, when i finally arrived at my usual spot the wind had changed direction making conditions very uncomortable in a small tinnie. I then decided to explore the surrounding regions of middle head. As i motored along i could see some patchy weed behind a sheltered part of the headland and decided to toss a calamari jig around and had a bit of success.

By 2 the wind had dropped a little so i went for a bottom bash managed a few wrass and Trevally, however it was still difficult to fish due to the wind so i returned to my new found calamari spot in middle head and the rest is history (4.30 pm)...


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