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Nice Brown Trout


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post-2833-1220494539_thumb.jpg Gday all,I finished work early on wednesday as the weather was getting worse and I was working on a roof in the rain. On the drive home it started to clear a bit so I thought why not drag the flyrod out and go for a fish. Got home , grabbed the gear and drove to Wentworth Falls Lake. Just as I started rigging up the 6wt it began raining again quite heavily. Not wanting to waste an opportunity I donned the wet weather gear and started fishing. It was very quiet for a while then about 15ft in front of me the water suddenly errupted with fleeing baitfish being chased by a largish brown. I was fishing a bead headed flashback nymph and a red tag combo fished wet. Upon seeing the baitfish my thoughts were to change flies to a single black wooly bugger but for some reason I persisted with the red tag / nymph combo and was soon rewarded with a thumping take from a beautiful fat brown trout. The fish gave a very good fight for a good couple of minutes before I managed to tire it out a bit and land it. Although only a relatively short fish it was extremely fat , no doubt chock full of baitfish. After a quick pic it was released in good condition and swam of strongly. Quality of pic is a bit poor as it was taken using a mobile. cheers troutboy
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That "chubby" brown belongs on the fish version of the "Biggest Loser"!

Also, I don't think you should have released it, you should have got it a personal trainer! :yahoo:

Seriously, great catch in less than favourable conditions. :thumbup:

Well done troutboy!



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