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Got Small Kids & Don't Want The Tv To Fall On Them?


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Hi guys

We have these in our campervan, to keep the 'pop top' securely down when travelling. 4 of them keep the roof down in all sorts of strong wind & rain.

Did some 'google' research on them & see that they are also used for holding down TVs - whether in the house (where we've heard of kids being crushed when they hung onto them, toppling onto them, killing them) or in a yacht/boat setup where the rock & roll of the ocean can send stuff flying! There are a few different models with varying 'strength holding' capabilities. Even to the "Cooler Grips" which withstood a cooler being on the deck of a high speed Power Boat, using one or 2 sets of the grips. THey have extra teeth in the gripper & holes in the straps for extra security. CLick on the 'next' down the bottom of the page to see all the info!



They have been used for a multitude of uses & some Boat & Motorhome places may have them in stock.

Worth their weight in gold, I reckon! I have a great idea for them on my yak, which I will reveal after doing water trials! :) :)



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