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New Underwater Camera

yellow submarine

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Just purchased a new underwater camera to use in the surf. Have also been using the video feature to watch the action of my flies underwater. I purchased the Olympus Stylus 850. About $280US bucks for an 8MB version. Very compact so i can stick it into my wetsuit.

Quality photos like these will certainly jazz up the fishing journal.


I know hard it is to try a camera and see its performance in different conditions. so if you want me to try something out let me know.

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Hi YS, 2 weeks ago I bought my 19 year old son a Pentax Optio W60 underwater camera (birthday pressy), he will take surfing and snokelling shots with it, I will borrow it as well, I am keen to get some underwater shots of fish coming to the boat with a jig hanging out of its mouth, should get some interesting snaps..

Love the shot of the flattie.. Cheers...

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Good one Yellow!! I have the Pentax Optio W30 & haven't dived with it yet! Just got it after I was dunked in my yak doing a surf landing & my normal camera was in my life vest! :1yikes: luckily it survived, but I got the waterproof one, to be sure, to be sure!

Scon ..... all my photos for the last 12 months of so have been with the underwater camera. They work fine in all situations, tho mine is a bit slow on night shots requiring flash! :( The newer ones even record sound underwater as well!

Lots of fun - I should go snorkelling with mine at high tide here, when the water is crystal blue! Maybe when it is warmer!


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Distance in clear water is about 5 metres in sonewhere like Narrabeen Lake. In a pool or deep clear blue sea I get about 12 to 15 m.

Great camera for everday use and night time. Has a feature where you can select a scene (Night, sport, portrait, landscape, etc...) and it sets every thing for you. Also does a continuous shooting mode for sequence shots.

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