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Secure Your Longer Rods When On Your Car Roof


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hi guys

A buddy made this rig for securing his longer 'one piece' rods. He can just use a rubber catch or a padlock, depending on where he is stopping & for how long!



The hinged part has a slot to go over the clasp, so you can padlock it if you want. You can have as many slots as you need. He has the slots padded to protect the rods & his long handled net.



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Hi Roberta. Are you sure your buddy really needs any security for his rods? I mean, can he leap buildings in a single bound, is he faster than a locomotive? Judging by the outfit you can just see in the car, he doesn't need any help!

And his "xray vision" must come in handy when spotting blackies!



Seriously though, a great idea.



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