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Boilermaker Apprentice


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just would like to get an idea if the kids out there are looking for a trade in the heavy eng.

this is a hard trade to work in not much fun in summer we are looking at 2 apprentists or better still 2nd or 3rd year

i must stress this is not a trade for pussys people with a disability are not a prob as i have a 3rd year that is deaf as a post but one off the best welders for his age i have ever seen

anyway if like the idea off working with fire and molten metal please reply :biggrin2:

were looking at starting them in the new year

cherrs gary

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Ahhh Donza

They make boilers :1prop:

Boilermakers they are the ones that use big hammer when a subtle tickle would have solved the problem. They can generally count but only because they have to keep checking if all their fingers are still there and have never grown out of using coloured crayons on everything.

But beware they weild a big electrified stick and know how to use it.


Good opportunity for someone to get a start - good on ya for putting it up.

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:Funny-Post: that pritty much sums us up

there used to be two trades boiler maker and 1st class welders

the boilermaker works to a drawing and cuts, shapes and tack weld the job for the welder to weld it up

but some bright spark desided to combine the two and call it metal fabrication

so they cram at the tec work off two trades into 3 years.result trades man with skills in both but not highly skilled in either

i'm 45 and did both trades so i'm highly skilled at both :biggrin2:

the jods are in sydney in the inner west the hours are 38 half day friday

the pay will be firstyear wages witch is bugger all


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to behonest it all started at primery school i got the nick name brickhead

it stuck for 20years then wilst living up the hunter

strange people live at musswellbrook they are pritty slack with nicknams so they just chuck an o or a y on the end off your first or last name

so i was stuck with garo for a while

untill one day wilst putting up a retaining wall at a mates house[wardys]we were grabbed as fillins for a game off cricket dressed in steel cap boots and work cloths we were never supose to get a bat we were there to make up the numbers batting at 9 and 10

well all our batsmen dropped like flys it was stinking hot and we had all had a few beers i think the general idea was get it over and done with and hit the pub[pub was the local sponser] on walking to the creace the fielding team were reved up and i copped a heap off shit from the hole team

as you do batting at 9 wearing steel cap boots and stubbys

there were about 12 overs to go and we had no chance at getting the runs our team was already packing up

witch pissed me off so i desided to bat it out letting balls go blocking and pushing singles to keep the strike

i even got a four off the steel cap boots lucky it was a pisser off a toe crusher

at the end we had saved the game to a draw

the opposite team were putting shit on me again when wardy explained to them boys he said when we looked like loosing we just put up a brick wall and who better to get than the guy laying bricks at my place

gess you boys are stupid and from that day on i was known as brickman

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