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Maiden Voyage


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Well, finally got to put the Hobbitt launch in the drink, would have been ideal had we been able to put it in on Sat, but the boss had to work and so did I, well at least I was s'posed to work but I umm was, umm, very ''sick'' coz I had to arrange some things for today, and vote and stuff....

Woke at sparrows fart, departed shortly afterwards, with a little gut feeling it may be a crap day, this was proven to be the case, typical isn't !!! Ya have a new boat up in ya garage for a week, and ya take it out for a play, and it all turns pear shaped.

It started out just fine, great in fact, the crew wanted to just go for a bit of a cruise before wetting a line, which we did. All good. Now with food, drinks, rods, lures, bait and various other goodies on board, we headed out, full steam to our "spot'' and then, over the radio we heard over the radio coastguard, all boats, wind warning. HHmmm, ???? To stay or not ????

Well, B4 I cut the motor it came up worse than a mother in laws kiss, (sorry all you mother in laws)

Time to head back, just to be on the safe side, after all it is only a 3.9mtr 25 Johno...

The ol girl was fully loaded and was put to the test, we ended up drenched, but she handled better than I could ever have hoped for. Don't know that the crew will ever speak to me again. OOPS.

So, at days end, boat tested, no chance of a fish, soaked to the bone, team Hobbitt NOT speaking to me and no fishing at all.

Had a blast, can't wait to get out again real soon.

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Well ......... :(

That's an 'interesting' report Rod. Not the most memorable maiden voyage you would have wanted. What a damn shame :mad3: And to make matters worse, all the Hobbitts were there to endure the attrocious conditions. How 'bout we pretend that you stayed home and mowed the lawns or something today, and look forward to the next maiden voyage :tease:

Cheer up mate ... you've still got your 'raider family' :biggrin2:


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:Funny-Post: they all hate you at the present time but i think you had a ball tested the new boat in crap conditions you should remind them off who got them home safe and sound wet but not damaged

i remember my dad pounding away at the rear off a 14 foot tinny with a 25hp with 4 kids and the cook

we would be all getting wet and looking at dad and he would say what's wrong with you all a little water never hurt any one with a chekky grin

any day on a boat is a good day cherrs gary

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G'day Hobbit, that's really not that bad because there are always dud days and you just had one , so I reckon the next few should be good ones, nice calm weather , plenty of fish and everyone happy. Enjoyed your story.. Cheers...

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Great to see that you finally got out on the water Rod. How did the boat go in the less than favourable conditions? Are you happy with it?

I'm sure it will be only a short time before you christen her properly.

Looking forward to reading a "successful" report from you soon.



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