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Rock Gods!


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Was at the after party (and Metallica album launch) and heard mixed reports about the show. Some loved it and some found the show itself borning. I take it you loved it ?


after twenty years that show was sensational...as a muso myself i did hear them chase the train

on one major occasion...but the old bones/brain did very well...was a bit down that they did not

play THE RIPPER....ahh jack the knife but i left there feeling eighteen again fo SURE...and funny thing

was i was invited back to the after party by a gorgeous pommy bird ( my family are half pom so deal

with it people please! )there was only one ticket.... girl was friend of guitarist's daughter....

ticket was revoked when i introed my wife...AHH WELL! : :(:(:(


Ah the memories.

Sad Wings Of Destiny..... Probably one of the best heavy albums ever!


AHH boofhead your emoticon says it ALL!!!!!!


Are heavy metal albums any good for bottom tackle?


hi tuffy , i could suggest many of them including for anchours and moorings....

but priest is not one of them!

NOW JUST BRING ON .............SCORPIONS!.........and i could die a happy man..hang on thats after

i land my thumper red! :biggrin2:


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iron maiden LAST YEAR!

judas priest THIS YEAR!

LETS HOPE .....SCORPIONS......NEXT YEAR!......but i dont really think so :(


Scorpions next year? There's some strange symptoms here. It's probably not wise to stop now just wean off gradually


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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