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Finally Some Kingie Action


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Hi Fishraiders,

Go easy this is my first ever post.

Well after long days and nights searching Syd Harbour during winter without pay dirt we finally got some good weather in Spring. :thumbup:

I was loosing hope for some good fishing days, having tried several known hot spots during winter.

I can't possibily count how many live yakkas i dropped in the water during winter without a single hit whatsoever. :thumbdown:

Went down to my fav land based spot in the harbour for a cast on sunny saturday arvo and licked my lips when seeing heaps of bait fish schooling and loads of birds filling there guts.

Unfortunately i was only able to land a barely legal sized flounder and a baby Snapper. Flounder seem like an ok fish not sure what they are like for eating.

Was very very close to hooking a spring king after having it follow my soft plastic from out back all the way in up-to the shoreline every now and then giving it a strike and then pulling away. Can't think how i didn't hook up? He would have been at least 60 cm give or take a few cm's.

Anyway when i land some decent fish i will post again.




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:1welcomeani: aboard Dougs77...

that flounder you got there are very much a prized catch by some.

lightly floured seasoned and pan fried for a very short period :biggrin2: ...

pitty about the king just playing,better luck next time,

things are really hotting up for a cracker harbour kingy season this year :yahoo: ..


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a little trick for the shy kingys is cube up a couple off pillys in tinny cubes

bait one cube on a blacky hook and throw out one cube at a time when your down to 6 cubes throw the lot in with the baited hook give it plenty off slack line and hang on

i love catching kings this way on 6 lb fire wire on a bream rod never a dull moment

pelled prawn ar just as good

cherrs gary

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