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Things You Believed As A Kid


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was talking to my brother the other day and he was telling me all the things our parents and grandparents made us believe, mainly for their advantage, like when my parents convinced me that the song playing on the ice cream truck meant that they were out of icecream... :1badmood:

one of the funniest stories my brother told me was when i apparently stole 5 dollars from my mum when i was 5, and spent it all on popcorn (lol) at the school canteen and shared it around.. later that day im sure my mum knew it was me... and i kept denying i did it and blamed it on my brother.. well that night when she was tucking me into bed she said to me in a stern voice, "Alex, did you know that kids who lie never wake up? You'll never be able to see your family again.." I then ran out of my room later that night confessing what i did and apologized crying.

i do not remember any of this happening but now it sounds pretty funny

and theres all that other crap like.. if you swallow an apple core a tree will grow in your stomach..

so yeah :biggrin2:

just wondering if any other fishraiders haave any advice they were told as a child or any funny stories of how they were fooled by their parents!

should be funny :thumbup:


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I was told by a friend that if I ate the seeds of a strawberry that it would grow inside of me :wacko: I didnt eat a strawberry til I was a teenager when mum and dad finally convinced me it wasn't true. I'm sure there are heaps of other things, but cant think at the moment.

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I'm certain there was many, but we were all too young to remember.

I guess the classic would be;

Don't pull that face cause if the wind changes you will look like that forever.

Funny thing is - we are telling these white lies to our kids, as parents now.

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Mum used to tell me that if I spoke ill of her my tongue would wither and fall off.

If you dropped a fork that meant you'd get a female visitor, a knife meant a male visitor. If you didn't want the visitor to arrive you had to step on the said piece of cutlery and that would fix it.

If I put new shoes on the table I'd bring our whole house bad luck, needless to say I was NEVER allowed to put an umbrella up inside.

The funny thing is, to this day I NEVER put new shoes on the table and step on any piece of cutlery I drop and I'm just terrified on umbrellas period. :074:

As said previously, I'm sure there are a million more but I just can't remember them. I'll have to ask mum!



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"Yes, there really is a Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny/Boogeyman" :1yikes:

"If you don't stop that you'll go blind!" :blink:

"No, you don't have big ears" :ranting2:

"Eat your vegies so you grow big and tall" :1onono:have reached the dizzy heights of 5'5"

"Eat your crusts so your hair will grow curly" what bloody hair


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My favourite was from a mate of mine.

His parents told him that Mr Whippey only played his music when he'd run out of Ice Cream and therefore not to both charging up the street or harrassing them for money.....

It's only now as a parent you can recognise the true genius in a comment like that.

Needless to say my mate was filthy when he finally worked it out....

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".....haha i cant wait to screw around my kids by telling them things like that..."

The only one I can remember and still use to this day with kids, teenagers & even adults, is one dad used on us. Gets them nearly all the time.

"Grandads axe - its been in the family for 40years, its had 10 handles and 2 heads."

I know some kids, who have taken years to work it out :unsure:

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My first day at high school and two "older" girls very kindly assisted me to order my lunch from the canteen.

Instructions were as follows:

Write name and roll call class on the brown paper bag

Write the order and cost and put money inside the bag

and...... write "thank you very much" below the order

I was told if I did not add the "thank you" that I would not be given the lunch. I complied with this for several months until someone pointed out that it was not necessary and that I would still receive my lunch order :1yikes:

I always wondered why the canteen ladies commented on how polite a girl I was :074:

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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I always believed that Noddy was straight, Big Ears was innocent & both were non prejudiced.

I also believed that Captain Pugwash, Seaman Steynes, Master Bates & Roger the cabin boy were innocent "happy" sailors.

I believed that one day I would introduce my own children to golliwog dolls.

I believed Kenny Everett was just a funny slapstick kind of dude (OMG he was a "slapstick" dude)!

God I hate lawyers, & so called "civil libertarians"

/end rant.

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