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Hoping some of you blackie experts can help me out. I went for a scout around my local rocks this afternoon to see if I could find some decent weed. Problem is I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking for. It was low tide and there was plenty of rocks exposed which was good, some great cunje covered platforms that I will have to fish at some stage as well. Found some cabbage which I had no problem identifying and some different weedy type things that I took some photo's of.



Ok, so I got the pics to work, I'll post a couple more in a minute. What I wanted to know is is the right stuff? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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thats the stuff loxo but he white thru it tells me its dying off gethe stuff that feels silky and has no white it can be a green almost like a lettuce hart to olive black in colour the white you see there is bleaching and is the fact its dying off either due to coper sulphate or lack of fresh salt water and a lot of sun!


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Thanks for the help guys.

Yeah there was some real fluro green stuff around as well. Almost had some black streaks through it. There was some sections with no white dying off parts so I guess I will try those. Looks like I'm going to be trying to catch some blackfish this weekend! :1fishing1: Wish me luck.

That looks good to chop up and mix with sand for berley but looks a little short for a good bait.

Have a look here. I used to collect weed from here and sell to Tom Ugly's Bait Shop every week.

I'm gunna spend the next hour trying to figure out where that is! :biggrin2:

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Hey Loxo

That stuff in your hands looks terrific! You could bag some up & send it up to me to try out for you! :biggrin2:

The longer you can get it, the better. But, so long as it is 'bait length' that is fine! Always remove it very carefully & as close to the attachment point as you can. Take bits from here & there so that no one spot gets cleaned out. That way it will keep growing well.

Gently squeeze out the excess water & when home, 'feather' it out onto newspaper so that it isn't in clumps. Leaving it wet & soggy in clumps, it will go slimey within days. Keeping it 'dryish' & feathered, it will last for weeks.

Terrific shot, Mariner! Wish that spot was up here!!! My favourite weed here is slowly coming back, but it is the spot that everyone collects from & some are a bit dumb & take bucket loads, when handfuls are sufficient, until it is plentiful again. :wacko:

Hope you get some good fish with it! :)


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Thanks Roberta.

Yeah I'll definately be able to get it longer than that. There actually seemed to be a fair bit around in a couple of spots, I'd had a look a couple of weeks ago and had found a little bit but not much at all and it was really small. The warmer weather might have kicked it along a bit.

I'm off to read your blackie tips thread so I can try an get a decent rig happening.

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