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Had My Mobile Stolen This Is A Message To -


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Shirley and I had someone come in thru our back door early this morning while we were sleeping :1badmood: At this stage it seems that they only stole my mobile phone which was on the computer desk near the back sliding door and it looks like they ran off as soon as our two little dogs ran out of the laundry and started barking. They also robbed one of our neighbours at the back and a house up from us and took mobiles and cash and valuables left in their kitchens etc. while they too were sleeping.

My mobile phone is insured by the phone company but I have lost all my important phone numbers in my sim card which apparently didn't back up properly on our computer. :(

The numbers I need and value belong to the following members and include the mobile numbers of Stewy Swordfisherman and Grant Jewhunter.

Grant - Arked

Paul - Esky6

Chris - Waterrat

Mike - Inhlanzi

John - Dogtooth

Andrew -Humesy

Ian - Brooklyn Raider

Tony - Slinkymalinky

Steve -Ungry Warnie

Steve- Barker

Alex - Frangkie

Vince - Var911


Marcel - Twin1

Ray - Lumpooky

Mitch - Boban

Nick - fishingnick


Steve - Roosterman

Peter - Luderick59

Royce - Luderick Angler

Don - Numbnuts

David (aka) Fisherboy

Ray -Ray R

(Penguin) - John I need Mimo's mobile and home number

Steve - Hoges1974

Pete -Roffo

Tony - Tony Soprano

Brett - TunOfun


Greg - Thunder

Peter - PeterS

Gary - brickman

Dave - Davemmm

Dave -Davehey & Dave I also need Santa's mobile

Ness - Thereddraggon

Ian - Digger


Andrew- Andrewau

Graham- Nudge

Andrew - Dicko

Luke - Wildfish

Russ- Damariboyz

Ben - YRelax

Lagos - SammyK

Tom - Var 1991

Albert - Alberto

Tan - Tan The Fisherman

Stephen - reggietherabbit

Guy- cflife

It's likely that I have lost other member's numbers so if you are reading this post and if you can eventually remember who you are :lol: please PM or send me your contact number/s via my email section.

Anyway I hope I haven't missed any one of you. Would you please acknowledge by replying here and also pm or email so that I'll remember who's still in the good books. :D

Also is there anyone else who lives handy or can come up to Campbelltown to help me out with the boat due to my back problem and have a go at the jewfish and also do general drift fishing either on weekdays or during some weekend days ?

I'll be fishing the Georges and the Hacking for a fair while until the Hawkesbury picks up and at least shows that jewfish and other decent fish are being caught. The jewfish regulars in the Hawkesbury have still been catching next to nothing in the deepwater and not many fish are being caught in the shallows upriver either and it seems all the decent fish have migrated elsewhere. Migration out of the Hawkesbury and the Sydney area has happened in the past and the general shortage of fish is due to this years long, cold winter.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hi Byron,

sorry to hear of your missfortune and dramas you ant the neighbours have been through...

i will pm you my # mate...

glad you and shirl are all right and thank god for those 2 little ankle biters you have...

phones an stuff are replaceable so alls not too bad if you look at the bright side of things...

i hope you can put this behind you and hopefully still feel safe at home but please lock your doors mate as alot of the time they return for another crack at something they saw an liked.......

or get a bigger hungrier dog and take him down queen st and show him the type of food he can eat.....

i would love to get out for a fish but im struggling for free fishing time at the moment..


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Byron - so sorry to hear of the break-in - just so glad your guard dogs saw them off so quickly!!!! It makes you feel a bit insecure, knowing that they got in - no doubt you have upgraded your security since!

Shame about your neighbours, but they tend to work in the wee small hours (just like the crims at Cessnock when our campervan/annex was robbed!)

Take care & be aware! As Steve said, they often come back after stuff has been replaced, for the newer version!



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G'day Mate...

Sorry to hear about the break in mate...

It's such a shame the way society is these days...

Sound like my grandparents now...

Anyway mate... I would be keen to get over there and give you a hand with the boat and have a good time out on the water...

Chat soon..



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Seems to be happening in the area for a period of time every year til they move on to the next place, cops generally know who they are too but nothing gets done about it.

Send me a PM if ya need a hand Byron im in the area, have tow car etc etc.



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Thanks MrGenius it's great you are in the Campbelltown area.

Thanks to the others who have sent me their numbers and I've got to add Alabama2006 to the list. I need your contact number again mate.

I had great response from my friends , and thank you :thumbup:

To those few who haven't replied as yet, hurry up because your numbers are still in my stolen mobile and you're probably for sale in a pub somewhere.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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