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Live Well, Cant Get To Fill?

Golden Monk

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I have been trying to test if my live well works, and cant seem to get it to fill with any water.

I turn the switch on and I can hear the pump running but nothing seems to fill, can I test it with boat out of water like from a bucket with a hose or something, or does it need to be while boat is in water.

In the below pics, one of these holes should be the water intake?

The pipe in the live well is only to drain..if I pull it out the water will drain, had to pull it out when I picked the boat up as there was still a little water in there..so it would appear it had worked.

Is there a trick to getting it to fill

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That first pic should have the pipe facing DOWN. That will help it pick up water while underway. But it should still pick up water if stationary. Is the hose conected to your pump? Maybe its pumping water into your bilge! :1yikes:

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Attatch a hose to the end of the pickup. Turn the hose on to see if it fills the livewell up. if it is doing so then turn on the pump. There may be heaps of air and some bilge pumps struggle with an air lock.

Also as Jo said face the pickup down into the water and also cut the pickup on a 45 degree angle as this will help force feed the tank.



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With the intake facing up, there is no way the pump would be able to prime unless the boat was completey stationary, even then I wouldn't be surprised if it got an airlock. As the other guys have already suggested, turn it around, cut a 45 degree slot and it should work fine.

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I decided to take another look into the live well, as it having only one hole was confusing me a little, so got in there and stuck my head around a little and there was another pipe with a screw cork in it under the ledge which I didn't see. :biggrin2:

I suspect now it will work when out on the water.

Thanks for the replies all

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If it's any consolation, I had exactly the same "problem" with my Edgetracker when I first got it - and you're absolutely right - reach in under the livewell, find the little tap, give it a couple of turns to open it up and bingo - next time you're out on the water, the well should fill just fine.

Obviously, if it doesn't, then a quick call back to the builders is in order...

See you at the social, I hope.

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