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A Few Flatties


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After returning from Fiji last week I read all the reports of the flatties firing up :1yikes: so I hit the Georges for an early fish this morning and things were quiet before I finally nailed a 56cm flatty on a Manns stretch 10 in 20 feet of water. An hour later I got a 48cm model on a gulp minnow. I then scored some poddy mullet and got another 45cm fish on the paddle home but lost a good fish that slammed a livey then spat it with the livey coming up strangled. All in all a beautiful day on the water and a good feed has just gone down :beersmile: with a few.

Cheers, Rob


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Gee Rob - fishing the Georges would be a bit of a 'downer' after fishing Fiji???? How did you go there??

Well done on your flatties - where I was fishing the other day when I got my Big Momma was only in 1m of water, with oyster racks on either side of me! So don't forget the shallows!!! They are often sitting there in the warm water waiting for small stuff to swim past! I spooked some really big ones there, too! :1yikes: (Bigger than the Momma!) One scared the hell out of me, it was so unexpected! it was really shallow & it actually broke the water surace trying to get away! :1yikes:

I don't use the hb lures that much, as there is usually so much weed in the lake it gets really annoying having to pull the weed off all the time (plus don't want to lose expensive lures in the leases! )

Nice feed of flatties - shame the big one spat the livie!!



hmmmm I'm getting a fishing itch that needs scratching again! Reading your post got me yakking excited again!

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Very nice lizards in the Georges...

Sorry to aska question in a thread... but in the Georges, whereabouts do people catch their fish and not even think about eating them? I have fished the georges all my life and not once brought a fish home from there, not that theyn haven't been caught, don't get me wrong :P...

But all I ever here is the pollution levels and what not... the water certainly doesn't look appealing, so back to the ? for a second,

Where in the Georges would be ok to take fish from and not eat pollution, me old man has drilled it in to me from a young age that the fish in the georges just aren't worth eating...

Interested to see what others say...



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Thanks guys,


I've eaten plenty of fish from the Georges and all 3 of my eyes sparkle with glee :1yikes:


I've tried the bigger HBs in deeper water so I know they are getting down near the bottom and I have also rigged up a length of 60cm plumbers pipe 6" diameter with caps drilled out with holes to store my keeper flatties in. The 56cm fish just scraped in and stayed perfectly alive for 4 hrs before I threw it into the icebox. It beats dragging a keeper net around all day! Yes I will have to target some shallows. Last week I walked some shallowsnear some drop-offs I fish to look for some nippers and found 3 perfectly shaped flatty lies that were over 60cm long. It is the first time I've seen them and I will return to that spot soon as it only has about 2 feet of water over it at best at high tide. A strategically placed livey or SP might bring a good fish undone :tease: Fiji was disappointing fishing-wise because I didn't take a rod with me but bought some 80lb line for $1.35 and made a handline from an old thong....landed some nice perch-like fish on the flats. :1prop:


I would love to fish with you one day to pick up some tips from the lizard whisperer himself :secret:


I'm on school hols...take a day off next week and let's hit the bay :1fishing1:

Cheers Rob

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Great catch.

All 3 eyes light up eh..

Yeah, I was born n raised, Sutho. Fished the upper reaches of the wonnie n the needles etc, and did fairly well up there, ok it's been 30 odd yrs since but, like you my 3 eyes are all good, even though the fish glowed green at night, must of been the fall out from the reactor :tease:

In fact, in the next few weeks I hope to hit the wonnie again with an ol mate of mine. Is the Bonnet Bay boat ramp still there ?? As a kid I used to ride my dragstar around there, then it was just bush, we used to call it the mud flats, and it used to be a small tip.

This ramp is between the one off the Wonnie bends and the mouth of Como.

Just wondering if it's still there, and still usable.

Thanks Rod.

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yeah Roddy there are 2 ramps the one u spoke of ( i still remember the mud flats as well)and the other just up near the bridge,plus opposite the canoe/boat hire shed (if thats still there) or further up there is another ramp that is used by the people who live up on the river ( but you prob know all of these any way)


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