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Hairtail Season 2008


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Hi guys,

long time no chat. I used to frequant this awsome website all the time but i have and still am living in London for the last 2 years (fishing sucks over here )

just wondering if the Hairtail were around this winter, out of all the fishing i have done in sydney game and esturay. the Hairtail is the only fish that i have wanteed to catch and have not. just wondering if its making a comeback or if it is still that myth that wifes started to punish thier fishahloic husbands :)

look forward to seeing your replies


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They don't exist! Just someones idea of a good laugh to catch Pike Eels, paint them chrome silver, then tell everyone they have to go out in the dead of night in the middle of winter, freezing their bums off if they want to catch one.

Good excuse for a Raider social though :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

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