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Paul Newman Was A Special Bloke


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Hi guys

Those of us around 'my age' (mid 50's) will well remember Paul Newman (the Actor) as being a real SPUNK & a terrific actor! Totally gorgeous looking with a body to match.

Those of you who haven't seen any of his movies should get out Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and also The Sting & even his more recent movies.

He also did a lot of charity work, & is probably better known by the current generation by his face being on the front of numerous Food items! He has been helping out those in need or who were ill, by selling Meat Sauce & Salad Dressings, with all profits going to Charity. He donated Many Millions to charities all over the world, including Aussie ones.

Top Bloke

Here is a tribute someone has put together on Youtube

There are a few others there too, that I haven't looked at yet ....


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