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More Volunteers Needed To Reach Milestone

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Monday 22 September 2008

National Marine Safety Committee CEO Maurene Horder has thanked the 3,500 boaties from around Australia who have volunteered for the National Boating Usage Study and has called on more boaties to take part to help the study reach the 4,000 volunteer milestone.

Ms Horder explained that Australia does not have detailed information on boating behaviour and high risk boating periods. The 18 month study runs to May 2010, and will allow the NMSC to collect a comprehensive set of data on boating behaviour.

”We have had a great response from the boating community and this demonstrates the wonderful community minded spirit that is alive and well amongst boaties.

“But I would like to invite more boaties from the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia to participate in the study and help us reach our goal study sample.”

The NMSC is aiming to attract 4,000 study volunteers and has extended recruitment to 31 October 2008 in order to attain a representative sample of the 730,000 recreational vessels registered around the country.

“This is the first diary study of its type in the world that includes such a large number of volunteers.”

Volunteers will receive $100 off boating insurance with Club Marine and 40% off subscriptions to Yaffa Publishing’s marine publications. They will also be provided with regular study updates, boating and fishing prize draws and exclusive product discounts.

Participants will be asked to briefly fill in a boating diary with details such as the number of hours spent on the water, the location and purpose of the trip, the number of people on board, and whether the boat was involved in an incident.

The study is open to owners and operators of all types of recreational craft including runabouts, ski/wake boats, cuddy, half or full cabin cruisers, sailing boats, jet skis and personal watercraft.

What’s involved?

A one-off anonymous survey on boating behaviour.

A Boating Diary to be filled in on-line or in hard copy. All information is confidential and personal details will not be identified or released.

If you would like a registration form please call the NMSC (02) 9247 2124 or go to www.nmsc.gov.au to register on-line. The NMSC aims to achieve nationally uniform marine safety practices and is made up of the CEOs of Australia’s marine safety agencies.

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