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From Cheers To Tears


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:thumbdown: headed down little reef on high tide for a plastic flick near the entrance.

after a dirty wrasse and a couple of lazy bites on a 5inch shad i swapped to a 3inch mango minnow and bang after a fun little fight a nice 45cm whiting which was a pb for me.

so after i landed it, i decided it was enough for a good feed i headed to the tables to clean it,

while there started talking to a nice older gent about plastics when i said i would show him what i had been using i turned my back for 2 seconeds and BANG a bloody pelican stole my fish.

what a sad moment it was, :mad3::05:

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First of all, nice sized whiting you cuaght!!! Too bad it got eaten by those pesky pelicans...if they see anything with fish, they will go crazy for it. Some of them are more than willing to snatch a fish out of your hands! ie. Today when i was trying to release an undersized blackie...it thought i was going to feed it and rushed in like 2m away with its big mouth open!!!

Justin :1fishing1:

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Sorry to hear of your ''loss''

Sorry to say..... I laughed my #rse off

Sorry to say..... That sort of thing happens to me :mad3:


I'm thinking ol' mate may have had a quiet little chuckle to himself as well ??

Oh well, Mr Percival had a nice feed, at your expense.

Seriously though, you got out, gave the sp's a bash, and came up trumps (or is this a story about the one that got away)....

Sure beats the hell out of sitting around on your dot !!

Ya know, I can see your face now, thinking about it :1yikes::1yikes::1yikes:

Great read, have a better day next time.


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G'day mate , nice fish to catch on your placcies, shame about the theft , bloody birds, I know first hand that not only do they steal fish from under your nose but they nick lunches as well , it has happened to me by a big old Raven.. Bad luck anyway, but still good to get out for a fish.. Cheers...

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bad luck about the fish mate... unfortunately these things happen...

I once caught some fish, cleaned them and took them home. I layed them out in the driveway to take a photo.. my dog (german shepherd) ran up and took the biggest one and started eating it! Wouldn't let me take it back either!

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The Pelican is the vacuum cleaner of the cleaning tables!!! THey are just so quick!!

Shame knyon81 you lost your big whiting, but, you had the thrill of catching it & knew it was probably a PB too! :(

Most of us have lost a fish to one at some stage or another ...... if they haven't yet, it is just a matter of time till they do! :1badmood:

Better luck next time


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Honest it wasn't me!!! It was one of those distant rellos from the other side of the tracks that was did it!!!

Stop calling me nasty names Hodgey.

Always amazes me the size of fish they can get in their gobs , spines and all. Wonder why I selected that as my nickname. Yeah I'm laughing only because it has happened to me as well more than once. Happy to say my loss wasn't a PB or a great eating 45cm whiting. Damm they can be silent and fast for such a ungainly bird on land. Maybe they sould have bells around their necks.

You sure it wasn't the old blokes pet and he was just distracting you!!!??

New nickname - Stormboy?


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I agree, I think we have all lost one or two to a Pelican.

Still not as bad as one I saw about 5 years ago, An old lady up the central coast lost her little rat dog to a very large and game Pelican. :1yikes: I can still see the thing flying off with the lead hanging out of its mouth and the dog kicking all the way down its neck.



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And there I was feeling guilty about catching my first (and I hope my last) ever pelican last Saturday.

Was trolling a small rapala CDmag7 lure off middle head and then the line started screaming off. Small panic as I had to decide if I should hand the boat controls off to my fishing buddy or grab the rod. Threw boat in neutral, stopped engine. Grabbed rod and started tightening up the drag while wondering about the size of fish I had hooked. Followed the line into the distance and noticed a pelican settling on the surface of the water. Said to myself at that point "No. Please no. Please no". I had hooked a pelican. After a bit of work I managed to get it to the boat (seriously impressed at the rod and reel combo which still needs a proper christening - BTW what is the best way to prepare a pelican anyway??). Fortunately the lure was caught in the webbing of the bird's left foot but unfortunately every time we got close enough to grab it the bird moved away from the boat. After about 10 goes we got the gloves on and grabbed the leader which unfortunately snapped leaving about 10cm of line hanging from the lure. We had no hope of catching it from that point on. Fortunately such a short leader should not tangle around and choke off the leg. Also as several people pointed out to me is that the hooks should rust out pretty quickly. The irony of that was that just the night before I had changed out the old hooks as they were getting a little too rusty.

Almost properly christened the rod later on that day on what I am 99% sure from past experience was a Kingie in middle harbour. Pulled the hook about 5 metres from the boat. Every 20 or 30 minutes from that point on I muttered some mildly un-nice words. Had a great day though.

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Stop feeding me - I'm getting fat!!!

My foot hurts

I only go to the cleaning tables as my foot has a bloody great lure stuck in it!!!!

See ya later

But it was only a little lure......

Feeling guilty again..... :(

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