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Georges River


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1st post but been reading for some time now

always enjoy the reports

spent 4 hours flicking around in view of como bridge sat morning with mate, he caught his 1st fish on plastics flatty 42cm

landed 12 -15 others to 49cm most caught around the 41-43cm mark

all taken in 1.5m or less of water

will post photos when i take camera with charged batteries next time :1prop:

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G'day mate :1welcomeani: to fishraider, well done on the flatties , hope to see more of your adventures with a few pics added next time.. Congrats on your first post..


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good stuff mate. The georges is my home turf. I know there are alot of places that como is visable from, but im fairly confident that i could pick the spot you were fishing, as i have fished in around the same depth in view of the bridge & cleaned up on the flatty's.

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Nice catch of flatties. I fished the same area recently but not with that success. What sort of plastic's where you using?

gulp swimming mullet 4inch

with 1/16 jig

the tail action brings the flatties on

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