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A Weekend Of Fishing


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Hey all,

Went out for a fish all weekend (as you do approaching uni exams :1prop: )

On saturday it was a day on the harbour with my girlfriend. We went around middle harbour for squid and managed 4 thumpers near middle head on the main harbour side. The biggest went at 3.2kg. What a beast. Nat did well with a solid model around the 1.5kg mark which was no less than a 40cm hood length. We also managed a couple of baby cuttlefish as well in the mix. We then were going to try for some kingfish but the number of boats around and a call from my younger brother seeking assistance (he had hooked a king and got his prop wrapped, i had to tow him to a beach to get him back on track) saw that idea out the window with afternoon committments looming we settled for a nice lunch stop at Doyles. I must admit, i was worried at first with nat outfishing me in the calamari department :1yikes: Worth a mention was the fact we got a nice size tailor and trevally when using unweighted prawns.


On sunday it was time to awaken to the lovely sound of the alarm blaring in my ears! Time to hit 12 mile for kings. We went and jigged for nothing but 6 nice sized leatherjackets. Considering the size of these guys and the fact we did not loose gear (touch wood) i am pleased with that effort. We then decided to pull some skirts along and picked up a stripey. Bit of fun, but certainly overkill on the 50lb jigging outfit. Then we continued and picked up an albacore. My first albacore which i was very happy about. Soz no pic of this fella but i will say,

They taste absolutely sensational, and thats an understatement :thumbup:


So we continued to troll and ran into a massive school of stripes. We caught 23 in total and kept 9 between us two for next YFT session. So i thought what the hell! Have some fun. As a light line addict i was soon out with my 8lb spin gear and managed 2 nice sized stripeys. We then trolled back in and just on the edge of the stripes we hook something much bigger. It was a YFT around the 15kg mark which pulled the hook within inches of the gaff. I was on the gaff and was spewing! There goes my sashimi :ranting2:


Anyways a great weekend all the same, looing forward to doing it all again next weekend!


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Nice job mate, thats a quality feed with that much calamari.

Great work on the stripeys too, sounds like there is a lot of them around atm.

Bummer about the fin, always exciting when you see something bigger come into a school of feeding fish.

I had a king wrap me around our transducer not so long ago, nearly lost my pb but luckily got it in on my own.


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"sounds like you had a blast

where abouts did you find the stripes , as im thinking of going out in the morning for a session out side?

and what lure did the yellow fin hit?

cheers john"

Hey, the stripeys were bloody everywhere! We caught them between 6 mile and 15mile. We found the big school at around 16km out. The fin took a pink jethead aimed at stripeys.

Good luck tomorrow if you get out as it seems there is a bit of swell

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