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Post Your Plastic's


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il try and get a pic of mine over the weekend, just a bit of a pain in the arse tol unpack from the bags... i think id have close to 10-15 times that!! It will last me a while, some of them have definately caught the fisherman instead of the fish!

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In my take away snapper pack when I fish on someone elses boat.


My bream creates are just plain embarrassing :blush: so I'm not going to post tho's......lol

Plastics don't seem to have a shelf life unless your gulp packet leaks and then they dry out.

I have Poo Eaters, muskadine Sliders still in sealed packets that are fine, they have to be at least 6 years old.


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Yes we have a tackle problem, maybe a new thread " Tackle addicts rehab" would be suitable

Im to lazy but have 3x 20L Tub chockers as well as 6 plano boxes and 5 tackle wraps full of placcies, mainly all breamin plastics with the usual jew / flatty collection in there too.. I think i would be a good candidate for tackle addicts anonymus :1prop: , glad You only posted a tad of yours Greg as I feel you would have a lot more than me


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nuff said

I wish I had that much faith in the gulp pumpkinseed Robeebee! No luck for me so far on those. But it's probably like all the other ones i swear don't work, it's got more to do with how often you use them than the colour.

Do you have much luck in clear water in light conditions on those? And what do you get?

For me the favourite changes weekly, but powerbait bass minnows in the clear/green are just sexy!


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