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Shimano Tyrnos 30 2speed Vs Tld 30 2 Speed

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Gday raiders,

Im thinking of getting a blue water fishing get up and am tossing between the TLD30 2speed and the TYRNOS 30 2speed (or single speed as they are a high speed reel anyway) fitted to a LIVE FIBRE 15kg rod.

What are the pros and cons of these two reels(or three)? Is single speed all I need?

Im thinking of the TYRNOS single speed as they are reasonably priced at the moment, would I be makeing a mistake?

Any Info/feedback would be appreciated.


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Mate the Tyrnos single speed isnt the ideal game set up as it has a very high gear ratio.........high speed reels are not recommend for game fishing as they are not good at pulling up the heavier fish.....I caught a 30kg YFT on a single speed tyrnos 30 and had a very hard time due to the higher ratio

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Well boys and lasses

I just bought a TYRNOS 30 2 speed at old prices for $425. :yahoo:

As youal may or may not know that if your local tackle shop has one on hand (or any thing you may be interested in) GET IT as they will be at least 20% more expensive when the new stock arrives at current US$ rates.

Allthough Im sure the boys at GoFish will still give you a good deal.....small plug :1prop:

Any way, seriously, I Couldnt find one any where.

I will be matching it up with a live fibre on Wednesday from our mates at Go Fish after the Melbour Cup tomorrow (if I got any $ left or maybe if I win big ll buy shares in Co. :074::074: ).

Any way good luck with the Cup tomorrow people just dont bet on the donkey! :thumbup:


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The Tyrnos is a better reel then the TLD, I have never been a big fan on the TLD's, they are made of a weaker material and do often bend under pressure from a larger fish, The Tyrnos is stronger

Thanks Netics, awsom link you got there as well.

Im convinces that I made the right decision. One guy at a cirtain tackle shop(not Go Fish) recons that he gets his info from a 30yr experianced marlin fisher and recons that 2 speeds are a load of crap when difference in performance is concirned.

Dont get me wrong, they are a lovely and helpfull bunch of people but 9 out of 10 say 2 speed, Im going with the odds. Every one has there prefferances I supose.

And I think that for the extra few $ I cant go wrong.

What do you guys think?

Also what do you guys think about my choice of rod, live fiber Texalium?

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Go back a little, besides Penn there wasn't really much else 25 years ago. With my budget then, the TLD was the only option. As technology advances, so do the gimmicks, however the advent of the Beastmaster 2 speed would have certainly increased Shimano's market share. I swear by my 2 speed Beastmaster, after an hour or so into a fight it's nice to press the lower gear and get some relief to your muscles.

Same as the gears on a bicycle.

Having said that though, I have all TLD's except for 24Kg of which I have a Tiagra 50W.



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TLD 30 for me,been around for many year's,they are light,have a smooth drag system & perfect for 10 & 15kg tackle.

I have caught stacks of fish on them from dollies,albies,kings,fin,marlin,sharks & have never been let

down once.

Thats the most important thing for me if your going to spend time,money & effort on chasing gamefish.


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