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Anchors Away At Narra


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Bought a new small anchor so I could fish Narrabeen Lakes in slightly windy conditions (as opposed to drifting at 100kms an hour).....absolutely worked a treat. Anyone contemplating the yak fishing should give it a go.

Hooked a nice flattie on Saturday approx 55cm (sorry no pics). Nothing better than to fight a flattie with super light line (4pb), no net, getting him to the surface and realising ....'hell he has it all the way down' it is going to break. The heart starts pumping....it is going to break soon....keep the tension just tight enough but not too tight...it is going to break soon... just keep fighting him until he is stuffed. Finally he (or she) glides over the surface of the water and into my left hand covered with a rag. Very satisfying. Cooked him up last night in a fish curry - not my usual way to do fish but sensational all the same.

For those experts in Narra- i am continually getting either 1 or 2 flatties a session (which I am not complaining about) but cannot seem to crack the larger numbers. Am i better flicking in between the weeds or going deep?

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nicely done mate! I'm thinking of making myself a sea anchor to slow the drift when its that windy, I do have an anchor but it would stop the drift altogether. If you want to make one yourself all you need is a coat hanger and one of those green shopping bags you get at woolies for a dollar. And rope obviously

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Interesting. Are you of the belief that a slow drift is better simply because your covering more ground? Or are you working more than one rod?

Depends where I'm fishing. If I'm fishing somewhere theres naturally a strong tidal current or other type of water flow then a fast drift wouldn't be a problem. I usually fish narra lake where there is little to no current so I think a bait zooming along at such a fast speed would look pretty unnatural.

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