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Looking For A Fishing Buddy.


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Hey guys , just recently got the sack from work.... Since its near christmas theres no jobs around so im looking for a mate to go fishing with... Will pay half the fuel costs... im great at catching bait and know some good squid spots... and do have all my own gear.


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Hi Braddles Shame about getting laid off at Christmas. When my back goes out of the latest spasms enough to at least put weight on my legs without the pain I'm experiencing presently, and if you're prepared to travel up to Campbelltown to help with the boat for a Georges session with an old mate of mine cungee george, (who I pick up at Illawong) you wont have to worry about contributing to costs at all, as I know you will more than pay your way by adding to our live bait which we also like to stock up on for back up bait and burley for next time.

You've pm'd quite a few times for info, where abouts are you located??


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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