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Sydney Harbour Marine Park!


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Look at the crap this lady has quoted.

" Nicky Hammond, said. It would have a system of gazetted multiple-use zones and only a small percentage of areas would be protected from all forms of exploitation, she said.

Exploitation my ass :1badmood:

exploitation from the pro's should have a poll to ban them round Pittwater, doesnt this lady realise how much rec fishos contribute to the economy in pursuit of their sport.

or how bout instead of a massive marine park, why not increase size limits by a few cm's or decrease bag limits.....?

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Hey All,

Never protested anything against the government. But if this marine park gets off the ground i will be kicking and screaming.

Cant see it happening but (wishfull)



I am afraid it will happen, unless we act, hard. Read the article, the minster is refering it to the Marine Parks Authority for suggestions/recommendation.

An association with only 5000 members have got a govenment minster to refer it to a government department with a vested interesting in creating more parks! Could already be too late.

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I have a huge collection of fisho mates who i will advise of this so they can make sure they put a voice forward against this proposal.

They will have to barracade the foreshores all the way along to coast to stop me fishin.

This kind of press makes me sick to the stomach.

If they want to ensure the marine animals keep in healthy stocks they need to look at the general population who chuck they ciggy butts and rubbish in the gutters and roads.

How do we voice our argument against this propsal?


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