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Yak'n The Harbour

Luke K

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Hi Raiders,

This is more or less a report "Part 2" of a session posted on christmas eve from fellow raider 'Yakfishing'.

I got up at a lazy hour of 6.30 this morning to yak over some new ground that I have come across in the Harbour recently. Somewhere near lanecove. It was a great morning, no wind, overcast and free from boat traffic. I was only fishing in about a metre of water and close to natural structure. I was using 2" natural shrimp gulps. The bream love 'em. I like to use as small weight as possible in shallow water ,probably 1/40 of an ounce. Once again just like the other day the bream went nuts and they were pretty good fish too. I reckon the bream are really active when the prawns are running and with the run up tide 2hrs to high you could'nt go wrong. Anyway here are some pics

See ya




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nice ones there Luke, bummer I couldn't join you. I wanted to get out this morning but my old mans bought a yak so were working on the trailer to take 2 yaks. Should be finished this morning but then we've gotta work on the car! Hopefully I'll get out tomorrow

Roberta - I've almost done that! I had to waste 10 mins of valuable fishing time to turn around and go back to get it. I was pretty annoyed at that and I'd have been fuming if I got all the way out to narra!

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