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Santa Said Wait Another Year

aussie big bob

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Ok Raiders

As Santa said I had to wait till next Xmas for my tinny upgrade :thumbdown::thumbdown: I need to fit a furuno 1kw transducer to my old tinny.

So my question is.

Does anyone here on fish raiders have a 1kw furuno transducer fitted to a bar crusher as I would like to fit a through hull transducer but not sure as it is double skin. Any help with this would be appreciated.



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Gday Bob,

Have a look at the barcrusher website. In the brochure that can be downloaded there has a cross section through the boat that shows the construction detail under the floor.

It dosnt appear posible to hull mount the transducer without cutting into the floor of the boat. I also dont know what stuctural problems doing this may cause or problems with the warranty for the boat.

I looked into doing this when I first bought my 530c but decided against it and just mounted it on the transon mounting plate .

hope this helps.


Balmain Bob

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I have a 1kw transom mount transducer for my Koden. It's mounted on a commercially available bracket so it can be removed and stowed away from light fingers. Last weekend I fished the same ground on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I was in the dealer's boat with the same sounder but a through hull, on Sunday I was in mine and I could not notice any difference.

You won't have a problem mate. Let me know if you would like the details of the bracket and I will track them down.

BTW.. I get a clear bottom reading in 500 fathoms at 32 knots!!


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furuno have a bracket called the pro bracket to suit the tm258 1kw transducer,this has been working great for me,although the transducer looks more like a step than a transducer,bob if you want photos of it let us know

cheers arman


Photo's would be great



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