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Line Twist


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How do i avoid line twist when re-spooling line? Think i just wasted about $30 worth of braid ......

Hi Tiny Tackle :1welcomeani: to Fishraider.

Line twist after spooling or re-spoling is more common to mono but can happen on faulty or inferior braids....

A good way to test that the spooling on direction is correct, regardless of the label position meant to indicate the top for anti clockwise winding is as follows:-

Re spool your original backing as well as the braid onto another reel or you can use a piece of duct tape etc to tie the braid direct to the spool {to embed the knot so that the first wraps wont slip} and use a uni knot to tie the line to the spool and add a half hitch on each side of the knot to take the pressure off the knot if you happen to leave your rod unattended in a rod holder ....remember to pass the line thru all the guides of the rod before you start the test or spooling line on, and particularly if you are taking line off a bulk spool.

Wind a few metres on and slowly lower the rod tip to the floor.... if the line twists, reverse the direction of the spool and do the test again.... if the braid twists again, its faulty - if mono happens to twist, chose the spooling on direction that gives you the least number of twists and next time you're on the water, let out all the line behind your boat with a heavy sinker on a cut off the mono as a leader with a swivel {braid to mono leader doesn't require a swivel even when fishing}, and troll slow enough to keep the line off the bottom and fast enough to keep the sinker and all of line and the rod tip in the water and not fast enough to have the sinker skipping on the surface. You can also try and fix the braid problem the same way...... before you buy another spool of line, check that the line distributing wire around the spool is not twisted or bent... if it is, it may have left too much twist memory in the line.

This should fix this annoying the problem for you.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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