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Botany Bay Today

jim bream

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Hi Guys

I went Fishing today, Its been a while since i hit the water. It was one of those last minute things, found a partner and off i went. Under prepared got some prawns and tube worms and could only get a bag of yabbies. I hit my usual spots, i got 14 bream, 4 whiting which 2 were whooper size at nearly half a metre, a trevely and a lot of snapper undersized. I ran out of bait and went home. Not a bad day for 4 hours fishing.






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hi there

do you mind telling where abouts in botany you go?

where do you get your bait from?

Most the fish were caught of towra, although i was told that there was alot of bream at monterey and brighton, I didnt go there. I usually pump the nippers at sylvania or next to the sailing club, but this time i wasnt prepared so i bought my bait from tom ugly's.

cheers Jim

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