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Looking To Sell Our Southwind Sr17 For A Bertram 25


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We purchased our Southwind SR17 Half Cabin 18 months ago and its been great. The wife and I have spent several nights on our Southwing but were looking for a bit more room (Friends and Kids)

We have had a look at a couple of Betram 25 Flybridge cruisers and now its time to get serious about what we are looking for.

Here are my questions.

1. How noisy are the engines while running.

2. How do the Salt water cooled 6 cyl and v8 versions cope with corosion. Are there Diesel versions.

3. Are there any issues to look out for.

4. Are there any other similar boats worth looking at



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i cant help uou much when it comes to 25s but i bought a 35 bertie about 6 months ago. I started looking at 28s and eventually ended up realising that they would be too small for the family. I ended up spending double what i initially wanted to spend, but my wife and i are thrilled that we did. We spend evry weekend, from friday afternoon till sunday night?monday morning out on the boat. We have friends and relatives come and stay with us for a night or the whole weekend. No one has ever said "i wish we bought a bigger boat" after buying a 35. That said i know everyone has a budget and i was probably in a position to strech mine further than most. But no matter what you get i suggest you get a diesel shaft drive. i wouldnt even consider anything else.

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From info collected - I too wish to upgrade my 1980's quintrex lazeabout into a bertram.

Bertram 25 - american designed, sleeps 4 adults, classic deep v 22 deg. Later extended to 26 feet. Most popular flybridge cruiser built in oz.

Bertram 25 - began production in 1964. 1n 1989 it evolved into a 26 footer to handle the new v6 sterndrives.


Bertram 28 - became the carribean 28 when the Ameicans started importing them.

bertram -International Marine, Victoria. 25 deep v designed by Ray Hunt. 28 re-vamped in early 80's by International marine to cater for top end, Caribeen reef runner and crusader for bottom end of market. 1985 bertram 23, 1860kg, 34k, ( bertie 25 costs 50k)

Bertram, Pride and Carribean were all made by Melb based International group through the 60's and 70's.

caribbean, bertram & pride - all from the Vic Spooner family boatyard - international marine re-started it in 1992

international marine - Melb - scoresby Arch and son Barry Spooner payed around with fibregalss and created caribbean boats in late 50's. got licence to make Bertram boats from USA, designed by Raymond C. Hunt. Have made 40,000 boats.

bertram - 2 schools of thought on big offshore boats (actually 4) 1) power to weight designers - big horsepower in light boats 2) heavy boats with yet more horsepower (Bertram) 3) deep v hulls and 4) variable deadrise or warped plane hull form.

bertram 31 offered the 31 as a hardtop, and as an express cruiser, called Bahia Mar - www.bertram31.com

One sank of Bermagui last year (I think one person died)- I have not heard a report on what happened to it.


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I had one for a year about 10 years ago.

Really only sleeps 3 adaults.

The engine box takes up alot of coc kpit.

Hated the legs!

To small to take family out over a weekend, over night maybe ok.

Not a good sea boat for fishing outside.

To big to really fish inside either....

Voted worst boat Ive owned hands down!


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Hi David and Tobinator,

I have a Bertram 25 for a while (sold when I went overseas) and she was probably the best boat I ever bought. I had a single merccruiser 230 with an Alpha leg and she had a top speed of approx 25knts. Look for the cruiser model (can be hard to find one) for more room and to sleep 4. This model only has a flybridge control (no lower steering and throttle etc) but the extra room you get is fantastic. Also has an enclosed toilet and shower in this model. (is a full lock up model and does not have an open back)

I don't believe they make a shaft drive in the 25 series due to space etc. The engine box at the back does take up a bit of room but you can use this wisely as a table etc. I found her to be a great boat offshore and in almost any conditions.

When you find one you like spend the time and money to have a marine mechanic check the engine out. This is very important as it is the major cost of the boat and repairing or re-powering can be very expensive, as with any boat.

As for alternatives, from a cost perspective you could consider a Randall or a Huntsman 23 (looks a lot like a Bertie and quite a few have an outboard mounted on a pod for extra space) as options, but as neither are in my opinion as good as a Bertram.

Hope this info helps a little and good luck with the search.

Cheers Sunnyboy

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Thanks guys for all the info, a friend of mine sold his 25 before I knew he was selling it and has now got a 26, he said the only real thing to watch were the engines, looking at either the Mercruiser 165's or the 470's, he reckons the 165's were really unreliable but the 470's lack the grunt. Had alook at one on Monday

Cheers, Tobe

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