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Sunday Sesh


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3:3o Sunday afternoon and the wife had had enough of my moping around and I was given my marching orders. I wasn't about to give her the opportunity to change her mind. :1fishing1:

Boat.... check

Rods.... check

Tackle box.... check

flies.... check

Stocked Impoundment permit.... Oh bugger expired last week.......

Wife straight onto the computer, registered, paid for and printed.... covered for the next 12 months.... Check

Coffee.... check.... made by the wife and handed to me on my way out the door.

60 Minutes later and I am reversing the boat down the Ramp at Cressbrook..... Where has all of the water gone?

It is a little blowy so I head down the back to where I hope its a little more sheltered. First I try the foam popper that did it for me last week..... Bloop Bloop.... Bloop Bloop.... Nothing so I made a change to one of my Dahlbergs.... Bloop Bloop.... Bloop Bloop.... Woosh- Bang.... Missed.....Bloop Bloop.... Woosh Bang I’m on. Only small but on a fly that I tied myself what a buzz. I was only on the water for around 2 hours but I had a ball throwing my flies at Bass, and all on the surface as the sun went down. 8 fish all up nothing huge but all great fun :thumbup::yahoo::yahoo::thumbup:




Threw the Foam Popper back on.... It wasn't broken after all....



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Well done buddy. Catching bass is a whole heap of fun, but on your own flies must make it something special! Sounds like you had an entertaining session. I don't suppose Ticole sent some of her famous muffins to go with the coffee did she? :biggrin2:

Great report mate. Hugs for all the girls. Hope to catch up with you soon



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Yep Bass on fly Top stuff give it a go.

I don't suppose Ticole sent some of her famous muffins to go with the coffee did she? :biggrin2:



And yes Skipper.... I did get some famous mufins. But had no time to eat them :074:

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Thanks Kael.

Yes I do tie my own. They are not all that hard to tie and the satisfaction that you get from catching a fish on something that you put together, be it ugly or not, is well worth it.

I would love to see what you are chucking at the Bass down your way.

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