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Pumicestone Passage 15/3

Ken A

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Went for a spin this morning on the pathetic little run out tide :thumbdown:

There was little run in the water but I fished the ridge & beyond for a 45cm Flathead & a 32cm Bream both fish taking an Ecogear SX-48.

It was nice to get a couple but a lot of casts went into it. Maybe things will pick up after the next moon. The amount of stingrays around was bloody amazing :1yikes:

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Hi Ken :biggrin2:

At least you got a couple. Top stuff :thumbup:

I haven't fished the passage for at least a couple of years now. I'll have to get back there sometime.

Do you fish the canals at Redcliffe, and Scaborough Reef down the southern end of the passge at all Ken ?


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I normally stick around the northern end Lance. I get down the middle section a bit at times. We had a great Bream season last year up this end & got heaps up to 45cm but its been very slow all summer with few Flatties & Trevors. I reckon the lack of rain has done the damage.

The Bream run isn't that far away though :biggrin2:

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Actually I don't think Monash will fire as well this winter Beefa. The ridge section has changed a lot now. The steep drop is more of a slope now & its shallowed up a fair bit. Same thing right along there. When the current is running now there are many areas of extremely loose sand & in a few spots I sank from ankle deep to halfway up my thighs in a second or 2. Not fun & in winter with deeper water & waders would be bloody dangerous. Full waders in 6knot current would be scary.

Maybe it will settle in the next few weeks. I have found a couple other areas which should fire OK though.

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