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Engine Upgrade


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Hi All,

I’m contemplating upgrading my outboard.

Current Engine:

Yamaha 100HP 4 Stroke (not injected) 550 Hours, 7 years old

Want to upgrade to an Evenrude Etech 115 or 130

What kind of money do you think I can get for my Yamaha??? We service yearly and motor is running fine…

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Hi Katari

Unfortunatly i can't give you an accurite figue for the engine but PM huey, im sure he will be able to give you a quote and might do you a deal on an E-Tec at raider rates.

Good luck


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you can check on places like ebay and try and find a motor similar age to yours and see what its going for. ubgrading to an etec will be the best thing you will do mate trust me the power and fuel econmony is great im a real big fan of direct injection two strokes thier alot better than 4 strokes

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