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Lower Georges River 28.03.09


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Hi Raiders,

Been exploring the Lower Georges River lately in my new tinny (got off a fellow Raider in December last year). Launched at Oatley Bay at 7am with the sun just peeking over the horizon. Told two gentlemen launching their massive boat that I was a fishing guide for my kids today (actually feels like that whenever we're out). Also told them that I would'nt expect anything less than a marlin from their boat - looked like a bus next to my tinny!

Anyway, we used the electric to creep up to mangroves next to the ramp where we could see some fish feeding off the surface. My eldest son had the first catch of the day :thumbup: and his first bream, just under legal size on SP though foul hooked under its cheek. You can see from the photo that we were'nt far from the ramp at all.


This led to the usual complaint from my youngest son that he had'nt caught any yet. After many casts and some persistence, he too was rewarded - with his first legal Bream on SP and it came to 26cm :yahoo: .


It was tougher going for the kids as the sun got higher. I suspect longer casts were necessary as the day got brighter. We managed to find some chopper tailor around bridge pylons that gave them some entertainment though we lost some jigheads in the process. Today's outing was a success as we all had fun and a few new PBs were established.

Before you think that these two are the next generation gun lure fishos, I have to confess that I had to do a few things to make the whole outing possible. The chance of catching fish isn't necessarily enough to get a 6 or 8 year old out of bed at 5.30 in the morning especially if they've gone fishless many times before! I offered lunch at Hungry Jacks with ice cream and dropping by the local skateboard park on the way home to keep their motivation up. And did I mention that they were always keen to get home early so that they could get stuck into their computer games?

I worry sometimes what the future holds for the kids but when a big catch is in the net and they're holding it up for a photo, I look at their big smile and enjoy the moment .....

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Terrific report mate. :thumbup::thumbup:

Bream on Sps is no easy task so your boys should be very proud of their efforts! Great photos of two beaming smiles ... justification for all your hard work mate, and motivation to do it again :yahoo:



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G'day matey its good to see you using that fine rig to you

and your kids leisure and the kids are gunna be fab fishos

in the future just like their dad. :thumbup:

How is the boat going P? I hope your enjoying yourself and

your family with it, as it brought us much leisure over the

years i kind of miss it in some ways cause it took us in the

tight skinny waters and shallows, enjoy it well my friend and

hopefully to see you and your boys on the water someday


Cheers Rizzo :biggrin2:

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A picture paints a thousand words, and the looks on your boys faces are priceless. Congratulations to the both for their PB's and the fact that they got them on SP's is terrific.

Maybe next time you will not have to use as many sneaky tactics and the boys, after such a successful day will want to go out and try to better their best.


Mrs Flightmanager

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Thanks for the encouragement and kind words - keeps my enthusiasm levels up for future trips.

Plastic Fantastic - I'm finding making the transition from LB to boat quite challenging, having to explore my local waterway, coming to terms with tidal flow, dealing with boat control with wind and current and working out where the fish are! Just have to clock the hours to gain more knowledge.

Rizzo - the boat is going great. Still learning how to use it more effectively. It's easy enough for me to manage by myself if required and easy to tow on my Camry. I always look out for your Quinnie whenever I'm out on the water. I'm sure we'll bump into each other one day ...

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