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Offshore Sydney Saturday 28th


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headed out at rose bay at 6am water looking amazing we made our trip out to chase some bill. Dropped the lines in 4miles from the baitstation to start our trip water temp was 22.8. Couple of hours pasted and nothing but a few tunas and dolphins swimming around. Found a nice temp brake water temp was 21.6. Checking the sst charts before coming out i knew i had to head towards browns when i found the brake(current and temp brake). About 20 mins in zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then it stopped.We quickly put the reel in free spool then bang he was on again.After a long run and some amazing tail dances he spat the hooks.We hooked up about 6mile east of the baitstation. Trolled around that area for a few more hours but didnt turn a real.Water temp 21.6 water was just great like a bloody pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone else have any luck out sydney on saturday?

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Fished out of Botany saturday on a mates boat VB,2 bites for 2 fish,180KG+Blue and 25KG fin both on same lure same small area one straight after the other,rest of the day didnt see a thing,back at the ramp by 2pm.



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Fished very wide for blues and didnt turn a reel. water looked good with frigates and stripies all over the shop but it wasnt to be.

Heard someone on the radio report a 150 blue and a 25kg fin, which I'm assuming is the boat Wayne fished on - good work guys.


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