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Hawkesbury Trip 26th-29th March


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Hi Folks,

Here is my report as promised on our attempt to catch a Jew on the Hawkesbury over the weekend.

Unfortunately we didn't land the big Jew but we are almost certain we got smoked by 1 Jew.

Fished flatrock near Brooklyn on Thursday and Saturday night (thanks for the location tip Jewgaffer).

On thursday the wind was howling and the current was a force to be reckoned with. Anchored just outside the current downstream of flatrock near the Brooklyn boat ramp. Spent the first couple of hours catching pesky eels.

Then around 1am one of the rods with a muttet fillet got hit hard. The fish went straight out into the main current and we finally had our chance to land a Jew. 100 meters of line gone and still no sign of it slowing.

Thats when we realised the line had run up the anchor rope and was sliding underneath the metal prow (whatever that thing is that holds the anchorline out the front). As my mate tried to climb over the windshield, rod in hand, SNAP. Bye bye Jew. We have haunted by what we did wrong for days now. Kicking ourselves for anchoring in a place where the wind blew the stern of the boat in the opposite direction to the current.

Bumped into a fellow Fishraider. Great seeing a few of us out on the water so late. Hope he had more success.

No more Jew bites and Saturday was dead quiet. Not a breath of wind so perfect to be on the water but the fish had shut down.

Caught a mixed bag off the wharf at Milson's passage. 2 flathead, 1 flounder, 1 big bream and 1 giant 80cm+ flathead that snapped us off as we tried to net it.

Overall a fun trip, must admit the hawkesbury is a tricky river. The tidal currents are insane! The amount of debris in the water and snags keeps you on your toes. Very impressed with the amount of fish it contains. There was no end to the live bait we could catch off our own jetty; tailor, yakka, mullet.

We will be back!


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Ouch! That sickening feeling of having slipped up and lost a biggie. :wacko: we all know it if it is any consolation.

Best to fish with a sea anchor in the hawkesbury current to keep the boat pointing into the current.

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yeah i no ur pain!


i caught thumper 47cm bream in lake macquarie and put it in the keeper net over the side of the boat. i checked it every few minutes i was so excited about showing every1! then i decided to go in! pulle up the keeper net and it was alot light than it was 10 minutes before. the 47cm bream i was excited about had swam out the top. and i was forced to go home empty handed!

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