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Attn: Kayakers - Rod For Yak


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I've been on a mates sit in kayak a few times and I find that a 7' rod is quite hard to use !!

I have lost quite a few flatties due to the rod being too long and rod holder in awkward position etc.

I now have a 7 foot rod that snapped when fighting a fish and it is about 5" long now. It 'was' a 2-4 kg glass tipped rod ... now probably 5-8kg since the top 1/4 of the rod is gone !

Do you think this will make a good kayak rod, or do you think it will be too short .. I guess casting distance is the main thing I will lose with a shorter rod but what are your opinions ?

All I do off the yak is soft plastic fishing with a 2500 reel and 4lb to 8lb fireline in estuaries.

I will get a tip put on it if you guys think it is worthwhile.

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Hi Stylo

Likie you, I initially thought 7ft rods were too long for yak fishing, & even bought one of those 3ft Ugly Sticks ...... however, it was too short & you just cant get the long casts in that you need when bream fishing (in particular) when the water is as clear as it is here in Forster!

As I kept trying different rods, I realised that it wasn't the length of the rod that was the problem for me - it was the length of the handle! I have shortened all the handles of my yak rods now & they fit much nicer in the rod holders, easier to get in & out & they snug up under your arm along towards the elbow (good fighting support) and have had no problems since.

The longer rods just take a bit of getting used to.

With that much knocked off your rod, I honestly think it would be too stiff now for light sps unless you can get something like a long nibble tip put back onto it??

Good luck!!


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Hope you stripped all the runners & tip from it first!! :1yikes: Always come in handy for a replacement when needed! Even keeping the top half of it (assuming it is hollow apart from the glass tip) for resleeving a future broken rod .......

Yeah - I am a 'rod bits' hoarder too! :)


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