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Botany Bay - 5th April


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Hey Raiders,

It's been a little while since I have posted.

I went out on Sunday morning at the leasurely hour of 4:00am to fish the river for a bream and a jew on the tide change. I nearly fell asleep the action was so hot. The place is full of 20cm tailor - excellent food for the jew but can't use these tailor for bait....I caught a small spotted whiting and used it as a livie - it also got bored...time to change tactics.

I went into the bay while it was still early and even though the tide had changed, it was still very high so I went to a spot that my fishing memoirs told be produced some big bream at this time of year. Well I'm glad I kept these notes because it yielded 6 fish from 34cm to 40cm.

Then one of the bream rods goes off and keeps going....What the fakari rug is that ! I had images of a 30kg jew rampaging into the bay. I pulled in the other 3 rods with the hooked up rod in the holder, then up with the anchor. Oh the joys of fishing alone ! You can't delegate any tasks....

Well I chased this thing for 45 minutes, winding, backing up my 5.7m platey with a full bend in the 4.5kg class bream stick. Then I god a flash of colour - the brown-ness of it sickened me - an eagle ray with stealth-bomber wings....well by that stage I just wanted to beat it, to punish it for wasting my breaming time so I put in another 10 minutes to get it boatside for some photos and a release. I also gave it a stern-talking to - these are the types of conversations you have when you fish alone. Yes you talk to the fish, to the rods, to the sky and to that fool whose reflection I can see in the glass windshield...

So back I went to the spot and redeployed. Then another screaming run just the same as the other. How many eagle rays are there ? Man those things can move let me tell you. Well I did the sensible thing and broke it off immediately. I actually saw the pressure wave it created when it took off. Then - you guessed it - the next rod does the same thing....Stuff this - I proved my point I can land them so I'm outta here....

Go to spot 2 - bumped into a mate and we flashed our catch at eachother (ie the fish). He had about 8 bream and some whiting - quite a respectable catch - a couple of the bream were 35cm. He was a bit suprprised to see all my fish were good ones and I told him where to go (well not literally - ie the spot). He went there - stayed for maybe 1/2 an hour and left - perhaps the eagle rays ate all the bream there, or spooled him....

Well at my spot #2 - the fish were there as well - another 6 big ones and some smaller fish hit the deck - very nice - and no more eagle rays but the sting rays were around. If a bream doesn't find the bait, a ray has enough time to find it. Always a pleasure to cut off a sting ray - yes all 20 of them.....

At one stage I had a tangle in my line - I wound it in halfway, no fish on the line. I stopped to unpick the twist knot when something hit the bait when it was under the boat - broke the mainline right at the knot - probably another nice bream - or maybe another eagle ray.... Oh well - I had enough fish - 15 bream (12 big ones) and 2 whiting - no complaints here.

When I finally got back to the ramp I had a chat with a guy who fished soft plastics - he had 3 or 4 thumper whiting, a nice bream, a trev and a couple of nice flatties... Very impressive for a non-bait catch (I wonder if I have created an argument here !). Actually I have seen SP's catch heaps of fish by people drifting past me and I intend on trying them on reds - they are the way of the future I believe.

I went home and the phone started ringing - the relos seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to fish. Or maybe the wife tells them when they ring up and ask her where I am. That's OK - I'm not going to eat them all (the fish, not the relos) - most of them maybe, but not all - in any case, how often have they brought us food and did stuff for us ? In fact they still do help out with food, kids, etc so this is a small way I can repay these favours. Unfortunately they help too much and ring 12 times a day, invite us to their parties where they try to create 'arranged marriages' for my 7 year old son and 16 month old daughter....

Anyway, the obligatory pics...





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Terrific report there Keflapod, felt like we where there with you.

Just think you accomplished three things in one day. You got the chance to do something that you love doing (fishing), you managed to bring home a decent feed for your family and the relo's, and you got a decent work out. No need to go to the gym now.

Keep the good reports coming.


Mrs Flightmanager

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A great read Keflapod, nearly as good as your catch!

Some thumper bream alright. :thumbup:

Shame about all the rays. They can be very annoying. I usually use some "special magic words" whenever they are around. I wont say them here as this is a family site.

What bait were you using?

... and I don't want to criticize, but I think that banana is undersize! :074:



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What a great read! You have a fantastic writing style mate, and as others have alluded to "It's just like being there" :thumbup::thumbup:

Well done on having the persistance/stubbornness to land the ray. Fishing alone, other rods in the water, chasing the critter with the motor ... you deserved to land it! :biggrin2:

Congrats on the great bag of fish. Looking forward to your next report



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I think the mods need to censor the 4th picture though, I think I can see a tongue in a pair of breams in picture no.4. :biggrin2:

Regards Kit

Now thats funny shit :074::074: I can see it too :tease:

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Top result kephalopod :thumbup: Top pics mate - The bream in the last pic look like they are going head to head arguing and abusing one another over who goes into the frying pan first and it seems that it's already been decided that the one with the loudest mouth goes in with the chips :D

Good session mate!


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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You know - I'm a bit of a nutcase - when I write my reports I laughy at my own jokes while I'm writing them. Then I read all your responses and I realize we're all nutcases.

Yes I thought putting the banana into the picture was a stupid thing to do - hopefully upset those people who genuinely believe in bad banana karma. When I get a 20kg jew, I'll put one in it's mouth for a photo. The banana didn't have a bag or size limit but I would look even stupider than usual if I brought 20 bananas with me and put them all next to two bream. What the hell is he doing ?

The gag about the bream arguing who's gonna go in the pan first - well I was giggling like a schoolgirl (well not exactly like one - my voice is a tad deeper) and I'm definately not wearing any dresses any more.

The special magic words came out when I saw the eagle - thankfully there's no one present to wash my mouth out with soap. I did the same thing some weeks back when I landed a mega toadfish. I thought I would be a photogenius and get some nice shots of it. What I didn't expect was it to blow itself up while in the net and we just about destroyed the net to get it out. Man those spikes are like something out of 'alien versus predator'.

The workout on that ray was OK because it was only light tackle - I think the ray just got bored. I haven't been to the gym for 15 years but before that I was a real junkie - 6 days a week - that's where I met my wife. She and her mum conspired to get me to stop fishing (I had other responsibilities now I'm married) but I inundated them with fish so they just said "ah let him go - we're saving a fortune on fish - we can spend the savings on the dowry for your 5 daughters you're gonna have !



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Great report Kephlapod... LMAO

The bream in the latest pic you posted is very fat... a bit weird with all the spikes. Maybe you haven't caught a 20kg Jew yet because you keep carrying bananas with you for the photo???? Spoooky. :1yikes:

Can't wait to read your next installment.

Cheers, Slinky

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