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Shoalhaven River


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Hading down to Shoalhaven Heads for Easter W/End.

Got access to the Parents Tinny and was hoping for a PM or Tip on any local knowledge as to how and where the they are biting in the Shoalhaven River System.

Mainly chasing Bream / Flathead / Jew etc. on SP's.

Any support much appreciated.

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G’day ianoc69,

I’ll be down there myself hoping to score a flatty or two. A couple of weeks ago I found it a bit slow but managed a couple of flatties at Greenwell Point sand flats. I don’t get down there often enough to have it wired and I’m still learning new spots each time (and SP fishing) I’m out there – it’s half the fun.

Good luck and say G’day to the guy in a 4.5m Stacer wearing a Tigers cap untangling knots. :wacko:



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I'm at work so ill have to be quick.

We went there last weekend for the 1st time. We got a few flatties in the shoalhaven river on Saturday in a number of spots on a range of 3" to 5" gulps and Squidgies. Minnow grubs, Wrigglers, shrimp, fish and shads. 1/8th and 1/4 oz jig heads depending on tidal flow, working the steep river banks and other drop offs. They weren't too fussy as long as it reached the bottom and wiggled a bit.

Good Luck

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i was down there 2 weekends ago and hit the beach but nothing was really going. I got a van down there in the council park and was speaking to one of the neighbours afew days ago who has been down for a bit and he said they haven't been getting much luck in the river. Whenever i head out i generally drift near the ferry and usually catch something. Broughton creek is suppose to be alright for jews with some deep holes in it

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