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Harbour Jew And King


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Hit the water at day break in my yak. Top conditions out there this morning.

The day's objective was to score some take home kingies.

Only using plastics and left over squid head.

Hit the usual markers for nothing with the plastics.

But had the squid head out on the troll - just in case.....

Just as I gave up at one of the markers the squid head is taken. Have to paddle the hell away from the marker as we all know what will happen. Then grab the rod and fight the fish. It was heavy but didnt scream like kingies normally do. I figure its a flatty then.

Then I get color of it - bright silver flashes. OMG, its a jew! and a decent one too!

Quickly netted and Im stoked.

I cant believe my luck.

My first ever jew measures 70cm.



Now armed with some new found confidence, I continue with the plastics - no bait left.

Try some new markers and land a rat kingy - nice, but I need a keeper.


Try another spot, and this one is better - Just.


What more can I say, had a top day out on the yak. Not the biggest fish caught, but what a great combo....




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great catch...! gotta be happy with that..!

spewin man... i should have been out there with u.... bloody internet connetion...

hopefully next time...!!

will be in touch!


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