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Jew Baits. How Big Is Too Big?

King slayer

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No offence meant but i HEARD that tailor heads are not much good for jews. I know that jewfish have been know to eat them. Only repeating what others have told me. Its makes sense really. Would you eat a cow head when a lovely fillet steak is being offered?

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Cut the head straight down between the eyes from front to back. You'll then have two baits & you will be able to rig & cast them better. Don't bother using it if it's been frozen.

Rig it on a fixed 2 hook snood rig.

Big baits = big fish. I caught a 20kg jew on a whole slab of a 2kg tailor. :biggrin2:

Gilled an 18kg jew for a mate on a whole squid that was near 1kg.

Caught another 20kg jew on a whole 35cm long pike.

Have been dusted by other big jew on massive head & butterfly baits as well. :(

Whole dead legal tailor with the tails cut off are a killer jew bait.

A 10/0 hook looks very small in a big jews mouth. They can easily swallow big baits.



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G'day Dave,

Definitely not too big to lob out into a nice surf gutter with a pair of 10/0 or even 12/0s. You will need the right rod to cast it out there though. Have had success with tailor heads but i have normally cut the head off an inch or 2 behind the gills, on an angle so you get a good chunk of flesh and some blood and guts oozing out.

I had a red hot night on the mid nth coast a few years ago when the tailor and salmon came on thick and then came the jew. I had big jew runs on the tailor heads and even caught a 60cm tailor on the head of a 40cm tailor. Lost my 1st big jewie later on that night, right at the sand.

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Just wondering guys if any one can answer...........

If I could get hold of some jew heads to use as bait would these be taken by Jews?

I have heard and read about the tailor heads so Im wondering would a jew bait make a gun bait to catch jew.

Twin 1

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