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Easter Sunday Ressurection


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The weather looked great so after the Easter egg hunt with 5 year old son, I pleaded with the Easter Bunny to have a quick fish. Flew out the door and put the poddy trap in while I rigged the rods. Hit the water at 9:45am and by 10 had a 45cm model. 10 minutes later one rod started looking snagged but with the odd twitch. I set the hooks and a good battle began on 4lb gelspun and a 10lb leader. Got colour and got excited but the hook was disappearing inside the big girl's mouth. Finally netted her after some turbo dives for the bottom. Paddled into shore to get some decent pics and let her go then followed her out over the drop-off. Great feeling! Fished for another hour and just before heading in had a double hook-up and a 55cm model comes aboard but the other had shaken the hook after being left in the rod holder too long. It had been a good Friday but Easter Sunday was tops! Took home a 45 and 55cm fish for dinner.







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nice flatty mate, can i ask what sort of poddy trap do you use? homemade or the tackle shop type? I've tried making a few of my own but cant seem to get them to swim into it. Any info will be appreciated. thanks mate

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Thanks guys,

I use a $2 clear plastic cake tin with a 2 x10cm slit cut in the top and lead on the bottom. Slice of bread under the slit and whammo!

Thanks for the info I will give that a go next.

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