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Red Tuesday - Pb


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After a very frustrating last few months with heaps of massive bust offs and quite a few droped fish, I have been determined to get into a solid Sydney RED.

All long weekend i have been looking at the weather and kicking myself that i had so many family duties and no time for a Serious Snapper session. I took the boat out on saturday arvo in pitty with the old man and ended up with only a few Good Bream but not much else.

So this morning i awoke at 4 am, still a little hung over from yesterdays party, looked outside and it looked wet, Back to bed, Set the alarm for 5. Up again and bugger it. I am going for a fish.

Hit the ramp at half six and off to the squid grounds, I had no patience for it this morning though so after 10 mins i decided it was going to be a dedicated plastic session today.. What a decision it proved to be.

After flying out to the grounds on near perfect conditions i picked a drift and stuck with it.

About 9am i had my first hit and, DUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!! :BangHead:

I was hoping that this wasnt going to be another one of those days. less than 2 mins later AGAIN.. I got belted. Boath fish took the plastic right near the bottom and took drag with ease. Didnt last long at all...

Ok so by now i am shattered, 2 rods and none set up. I quickly rig up a line, Throw it out and decide to jigg it once before i was to put it in the holder to set up the other, As its going in the holder it loads up, Big time. All i can do is watch line peel from the reel with ease. too hard to chase it down as i am fishing solo so just fight it standing. Luckly it all held together, after a very tence fight with heaps of runs, Fish netted and Landed.

A New PB Sydney Snapper. I am Stoked. Cant wait for Mum to cook it up.

BTW sorry about the photos, I tried my best taking it on a timer and standing the camera my dash. Oh well you get the idea.

That was it for the day. No more hits, Just a few bakers and that was that.





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Cheers guys.

The lure that did the damage was a Flickbait 145mm but i also had hits on other plastics that day.

Fished north of sydney harbour.

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