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First Blood, Kurnell


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My wifes little brother got a new 2-4kg catana and a sienna for his birthday

24 april took him out for a flick at kurnell HWO, on the 2 seater tempo 2 , on the water by 6.30am

first fish i hooked on too was a kingie i believe, took about 70m of my 4lb braid, the clicker on my 1000 slade stopped working, with a abit of rust inside the reel started to seize up.

at that point i was so pumped and cursing why didn't i have a better reel.

leader broke in the end, better to have fought than not

hooked up about 6 undersize trevelly and it goes back in

with 1 keeper

first fish he hooks up, he didn't know what it was until we saw colour,

had to yell at him to take it easy as he was too excited.

ends up to be a 70+ flattie

i was more nervious dan him netting the big sucker

i then end up with a keeper flattie and a bream

we were too busting by 12 so we headed home :wacko:


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G'day mate, nice flattie, :thumbup: plenty of flesh on that one, and sounds like time to upgrade to maybe a 3000 size reel and some heavier braid.

Congrats on fish , good report..


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Wow! That's a great fish to get on the new combo. Looks like you went in before the winds kicked in over the weekend. Pity about the lost kingy - better upgrade your gear for the next battle. What lure did the trick?


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