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Fishing Port Macquarie


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the bottem corner of the south wall is the best spot with a few starting to be caught since the rains i would bother with the wharf or the canels as there hasn't been a blackie caught in either spot for a few months

but if you get some rough weather of the end of shellies beach at the nursary should be worth a try



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Member Coyote fished there last week and landbased he managed a small GT (yes GT!!!) on pencil popper tough going on the surface he told me but the local tackle shop gave him some great info on the system.

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try the southwall the corner is known as the town wall, on the north wall try the tide gauge and the gantry its a bit overgrown gut worth a go, if you have a boat go up limeburners and try that awesome spot places like Tom Dicks hole etc fish well just watch the leases up in there.

last time i was up there we did better at Camden Haven.

My father reckoned on the change of the tide when the run slows at the tide gauge fish out wider and a bit deeper and you can get some fish in excess of 4lb if they are there! He usedto get the min the 60's and 70's

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Hi Glenn

I have caught good blackies on the Co-op jetty, but there can be lots of young tackle-rats there on weekends! :( Been busted off by some whoppers on the lower deck, too, between the 2 poles!

You can also get some on the corner of the caravan park, just past the Town Jetty.

In between some of the boats, you can see some huge blackies lurking around the poles ..... just be careful when casting .... those ropes love grabbing hooks!

Along the breakwall (from the corner, down along in the caravan park) you can get good bream, flatties, blackies & jewies. Blackies just before the change of both tides.

Good luck


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ahh thanks heaps everyone some good info right there hopefully should be in for a bit of fun

also was wondering if anyone knows about fishing charters up there because im not takin my boat up due to where im staying there is no space for a boat unfortunatly soo if anyone has any info on this plz let me know asap?

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