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Holidays In Forster

Richard Warren

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I just got back from two weeks in Forster. While the weather wasn't perfect there were enough clear days to get out and wet a line. Most times I went out I got enough for a feed. Nothing huge but enough to keep me happy. Mostly bream & flathead. Best bream 38 cm and best flathead 47 cm. THe highlights of the trip for me were haveing a fish with my 24 yr old daughter and catching my first silver drumer.



I probably haven't been fishing with my daughter since she was about 12 yrs old. Lately she has taken up fishing again with a couple of mates with little sucsess. She managed to catch a bream of 30 cm and she was estatic. She had sent a phot to her fishing buddies about 10 seconds after the fish was in the net. Modern technology is amazing.


The silver drummer was caugt after the seas got up a bit. I found a place that was protected from the main swell and lobed out a hook buried in a hunk of cunji. I actually messed up the cast and the bait ended up in about 3 foot of water about a rod length out. I started to wind in to recast and the fish grabed the bait and took off. After a short battle I landed the fish, photographed and released him to live another day.


Trouble with holidays is they come to an end. Guess I'll have to start planning my next trip.

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Sounds like a great trip Rich - some good fish in those photos.

Though be careful about posting photos of your 24 year old daughter who likes fishing - I reckon she sounds just about perfect for a lot of the young fellas who hang around the site!! :1prop:

The silver drummer was a nice pick-up. Been working on the drummer myself a bit lately and have learned that they quite often come out of ridiculously washy and shallow areas of reef that are right at your feet. It's got to the point now where I reel in as soon as my bait drifts farther than about 3 meters from the waters edge - they just don't seem to inhabit the clear water.

Anyway nice report. I could feel the relaxed holiday vibe.

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Good holiday report mate , a family fishing holiday in a nice part of the world and yeah the bad thing about it all is going back to work, just keep dreamin' of the next one..


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Well done Rich - so pleased you had fishing success up here in Forster, even given the weather! It is still pretty blowy & windy just now, but at least not the rain!

I am so pleased your daughter got into some fish, too - I was in my 30's when i got back into it, after a 15 years (plus) absence from it! You are never too old to get back into it! :1prop:


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